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Hawaiian Poké Bowl

Make Your Own Bowl

The reign of dry salads as the only ‘healthy eating’ option is finally over. There is a new king in town.

Your Healthy Pleasure

Hawaiian Poké Bowl

Hawaiian Poké Bowl is thé revolution in healthy food. Bowls made of the freshest ingredients, packed with flavour, homemade dressings and a wide array of toppings. Truly ‘Your Healthy Pleasure’.

Make your own unique bowl every time or go for one of the ‘House Favorites’: poké combo’s creates by our expert in house chefs. There are more than a billion possible food combinations in your very own Hawaiian Poké Bowl.

Finally a place where you can be creative and eat all the foods you love, 100% guilt free.

Curious about how vacation in a bowl actually tastes? Come by in one of our locations or order online and discover it today!